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  • Industry News Jan 20/2022

    What are the cleaning methods and precautions for cat house?

    Many novice owners will find that the cat house they buy is not popular with cats. After finally training the cat to sleep in the cat house, they find...
  • Industry News Jan 14/2022

    How to choose a cat house?

    1. Choosing a cat house must start from the needs of the cat. Have you ever noticed that your cat is particularly interested in boxes? The cat house y...
  • Industry News Jan 07/2022

    Cats like to choose their own house. Generally, they will choose the following 5 types. Know if there is a cat in the house?

    In fact, most animals choose their own nests, such as pet birds, or cats. Cats like to choose their own houses. The question is, how do they choose th...
  • Industry News Dec 21/2021

    How can the litter box be odorless in the house?

    The weather is getting warmer, every time at this time, the shoveling officer who keeps pets will be more melancholy. On the one hand, the problem of ...
  • Industry News Dec 14/2021

    What are the reasons why cats are not willing to be in the litter box?

    Many people like cats not only because of their cute appearance, but also because they don't have to go for a walk every day like dogs. However, imagi...
  • Industry News Dec 07/2021

    Do I need to prepare a cat house for my cat?

    Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd. believes that the cat house does not need to be particularly expensive, but it must have several functions: s...


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