1. A cat's nose is very sensitive to changes in temperature.
Especially in winter, the owner's warm foot wash can stimulate the cat's nose, and the warm water vapor will make the cat feel very comfortable, thus triggering the cat's desire to drink water.
2. For cats, running water is clean water.
The water flowing from the water pipe (especially the clean water pipe, now many household kitchens have clean water for direct reference) is clean and clean, so cats like the water in the drinking water pipe very much.
3. The tongue of cats has very keen taste cells.
Even water that is bland and tasteless to humans has a rich and varied taste to cats. Maybe we don't know, the smell of toilet water and mop water is wonderful and delicious to cats.
4. For cats, a large amount of water is fresh water.
Since the ancestors of cats are grassland cats, grassland cats generally drink water in ponds or lakes, so for cats, the bigger the water, the fresher it is. Therefore, some cats are very fond of the bath water in the bathtub.

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