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  • Industry News Aug 15/2022

    What are the points to pay attention to when changing the water in the pet water fountain?

    Points to note when changing water in pet water fountains:1. When changing the water: take out the transparent water box and the upper cover together ...
  • Industry News Aug 08/2022

    Do you know the precautions for using the water fountain?

    (1) Keep running with water.Under normal circumstances, the water fountain should be filled with water every 2-3 days. When the water tank is short of...
  • Industry News Aug 01/2022

    Cat drinking fountains are on the agenda!

    1. A cat's nose is very sensitive to changes in temperature.Especially in winter, the owner's warm foot wash can stimulate the cat's nose, and the war...
  • Industry News Jul 28/2022

    Teach you how to choose the right pet smart water fountain?

    The following lessons teach you how to choose the right pet smart water fountain:1. Water purification effectThe water dispenser is fully open, and ev...
  • Industry News Jul 19/2022

    What are the characteristics of pet water fountain pumps?

    The pet water fountain water pump is mainly 5V small and micro water pump, which saves electricity, which saves more than 50% of electricity than the ...
  • Industry News Jul 11/2022

    What are the introductions about homemade pet water fountains?

    What are the introductions about homemade pet water fountains?When traveling far away, the most troublesome thing is the diet of small animals at home...


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