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  • Industry News Nov 29/2022

    What are the types of cat litter?

    1. Milk catAs for milk cats, like human babies, their immune system is not perfect, their temperature regulation ability is poor, their bones and musc...
  • Industry News Nov 21/2022

    Precautions for choosing cat house How to customize a warm home for cats?

    Many families raise cats, but few people pay attention to the fact that cats have their own personalities. Cats with different personalities like to s...
  • Industry News Nov 14/2022

    How to create a comfortable resting place for cats?

    1. Respect the cat's living habits. If the cat likes to sleep behind the door, under the bed, in the closet, etc., don't disturb it. The shit shovelin...
  • Industry News Nov 07/2022

    What do cats need for a place to sleep?

    Cats are very picky about where they sleep, temperature, safety, and smell are all within the cat's range of choice, and each cat's preferences are di...
  • Industry News Nov 02/2022

    The cat house made of cardboard boxes is beautiful and durable!

    Cats are smart and cute, but they are also very playful. There is a beautiful cat house and a comfortable cat litter, which can also make cats more li...
  • Industry News Oct 24/2022

    Why don't cats like to sleep in cat houses?

    There may be the following reasons:1. The cat does not like the material of the cat litterSome behaviorists believe that many cats have their own pref...


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