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  • Industry News Jul 04/2022

    What are the requirements for a pet water fountain?

    1) Selection of capacityThe first thing to consider is the water storage capacity. The size of the water storage capacity of the pet water fountain is...
  • Industry News Jun 30/2022

    Do you know the knowledge about the purchase of cat drinking fountains?

    More and more pet owners are beginning to pay attention to the water drinking problem of the little ones, especially cats who do not like to drink wat...
  • Industry News Jun 21/2022

    What is the function of pet drying box? What is the effect?

    The main functions of the pet drying box: pet drying, precise temperature control, setting drying time, disinfection, etc. Purpose of use: save manpow...
  • Industry News Jun 14/2022

    Can a pet dryer really "dry" your pet?

    In terms of convenience, pet dryers are indeed very convenient. Put the pets that need to be dried in the box and press the switch to dry them as long...
  • Industry News Jun 08/2022

    So how to use the dryer to reassure the owner?

    First of all, it is not recommended for elderly dogs and short-nosed dogs and cats. Short-nosed dogs and cats have much higher requirements for moistu...
  • Industry News May 31/2022

    The pet drying box is so useful, your fur children are the most assured to take a bath and dry!

    Presumably, "bathing" has always been the most troublesome thing for countless pet owners. Once the well-behaved and obedient furry children come to t...


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