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  • Industry News Sep 26/2022

    What are the precautions for cats and dogs pet water fountains?

    Precautions for pet water fountains for cats and dogs:1. The body part of the water fountain and the power adapter including the connecting line canno...
  • Industry News Sep 19/2022

    Introduction to the selection method of pet water fountain!

    How to get cats and dogs to drink more water? The best way is of course running water. For a pet water fountain that is not easy to overturn, it has a...
  • Industry News Sep 14/2022

    How to make a pet water fountain?

    How to make a pet water fountain?There are many automatic water feeders for animals on the Internet, ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan or hundre...
  • Industry News Sep 05/2022

    How to use a pet feeder?

    Many people say that this water fountain does not work, and they do not know how to install water. Some people think it is a bowl. In fact, there is a...
  • Industry News Aug 30/2022

    Does running the water dispenser on all the time consume a lot of power?

    Does running the water fountain on all the time consume a lot of power?Will do. The water fountain was always on and drained power. The heating or coo...
  • Industry News Aug 22/2022

    Should the pet water fountain be left on all the time?

    Should the pet water fountain be left on all the time?Warm water fountain When the warm water fountain is in use, press the heating switch, and the po...


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