In fact, most animals choose their own nests, such as pet birds, or cats. Cats like to choose their own houses. The question is, how do they choose their own houses? Take a look, most cats will choose these 5 cat houses for themselves. Especially those who have cats at home, be sure to check it out!

The first cat house: the one close to the owner
In fact, cats may not like cat houses purchased online, they may also like cardboard boxes, and they may also like a rag. Someone may ask, how to make a nest of rags? The cat will pick the rag to a certain place, and wherever it picks the rag, it is the house it chooses. Most cats like to make houses next to their owners, because although cats are solitary animals, they like to stay with the "things" they like. If you buy a toy for your cat, it will also The toy is in its own cat house. This is the same as it chooses the litter and chooses the house close to the owner.

The second type of cat house: a sense of security
Most cats are extremely insecure. If they are insecure, they will never go to sleep. If they feel that the cat house is insecure, they will never enter the cat house. Therefore, when choosing a cat house, cats will definitely choose the kind of cat house that makes them feel safe. But their definition of security is still unclear. Sometimes, a piece of rag can make them feel safe. Sometimes, a delicate cat house still makes them feel scared.

The third cat house: warm and comfortable
A cat is a particularly enjoyable animal. It chooses a cat house and will definitely choose the kind of warm and comfortable cat house. There was a pet owner who raised a cat and a dog at the same time, and the pet owner bought a house for them separately, but the cat didn't like his litter. When he rested every day, he always went to sleep in the kennel. At the beginning, the pet owner still didn't know why this was. Later, the pet owner finally understood. It turned out that the kennel is much warmer and more comfortable than the cat kennel, so the cat prefers to stay in the kennel.

The fourth cat house: one that can bask in the sun
As we said just now, cats are an especially enjoyable animal, and the cat house it chooses must make them feel comfortable. Cats like to bask in the sun, and every time they bask in the sun, they will feel comfortable. So when some cats choose a cat house, they will definitely choose a cat house that can be exposed to the sun. Of course, some smart cats will hold the warm and comfortable cat house under the sun.

The fifth type of cat house: one with a familiar smell
Cats are really insecure and can accept new things. So when some cats choose a cat house, they will choose a cat house with their own smell. They feel that in this kind of cat house, they can be more sense of security. If you buy a cat house for your cat and it doesn't like it, you can collect a little cat's fur to make the litter smell like a cat. In this way, the cat may choose this cat house.