More and more pet owners are beginning to pay attention to the water drinking problem of the little ones, especially cats who do not like to drink water. They often have poor metabolism due to drinking less water, causing problems such as stones and too little urination. Faced with a wide variety of water dispensers on the market, how should pet owners choose? So today Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd tells pet owners how to choose a water dispenser from an objective point of view!

1. Security
Safety first is a must. No matter what you do, this must be put in the first place. Safety design is an essential element that pet water dispensers must follow. From power management, leakage protection, material safety, etc., it must pass the test. Most pet water dispenser pumps use USB power supply, the voltage is very low, even if the wire is bitten by a cat, there is no need to worry about charging problems, and the material is also food-grade ABS.

2. Practicality
Safety alone is definitely not enough, practicality must also be considered, whether the amount of water is sufficient, whether it can provide a flowing water source (after all, cats like flowing water), whether it is convenient to add water, whether it is convenient to clean, and whether various accessories are easy to find online. Buy it, whether the maintenance is simple, etc. should also be considered. After all, this thing is not a one-time use and needs to be reused. Only these things are convenient for us to have no trouble in the later stage.

3. Functionality
With the above two points, what we want to pursue is functionality, what kind of function, such as whether it can have the most basic drinking water filtration function, although this function has always been tasteless, but it is always good, and then consider whether There can be an intelligent pet water dispenser, which can intuitively feedback the cat's drinking water data, so that we can compare whether the cat's drinking water is healthy. In order to ensure that the water dispenser can be used with confidence, Uncle Cat also made two small ones. If the power is cut off or the power is cut off, the entire water dispenser will stop working, and only part of the water in the sink can be drunk. Uncle Cat deliberately took out the water in the sink and measured it, and it was about 85ml. For single-cat households, there is no problem at all during the day. Turn on the power and the water dispenser will continue to work automatically, which is good. That is to say, if there is a power outage, the cat can drink water again after the outage is over. But if there is a power outage at home, the cat can only wait for the owner to come home.