Our human hair needs grooming and care, and pet hair also needs us grooming. Regular grooming of dogs can not only reduce hair loss and make the hair softer and brighter, but also promote blood circulation, enhance skin health, and reduce the occurrence of diseases. So, what kind of pet comb should you choose for different types of dogs? Let's find out together.

One side is a soft brush and the other is a wire brush. This brush is suitable for medium-sized dogs, such as golden retrievers, huskies, border collies, etc. The wire brush can comb out the floating hair and massage the epidermis on one side, and then brush the dog's hair with soft hair to make the hair softer.
This comb is suitable for small dogs, such as Teddy, Bichon, Pomeranian, etc. The thin steel wire has a soft head guard to prevent scratching the skin.
This comb has a wide range of applications, suitable for medium-sized dogs and small dogs. It can not only clean up the floating hair on the dog, but also straighten the hair. It is a very practical comb.

The knot-opening comb is suitable for all kinds of dogs whose hair has been knotted. It can quickly dredge the hair, open the knots, and restore the softness of the dog's hair.
This comb feels good in the hand, and the comb is strong and durable, suitable for large dogs with long hair. Regular brushing with this comb will prevent knots and keep your hair neat and tidy.
This brush is half dense and half sparse, and is suitable for long-haired dogs such as Satsuma, Alaska, etc. The steel wire is thicker and it is not easy to scratch the dog's skin. First, use the sparse side to comb the messy hair, and then use the dense side to comb the hair for more suppleness.