Buying points of electric water fountain for cats
The weather in winter is very dry, and if cats don’t like to drink water by nature, if they don’t pay attention, the cat bosses may suffer from various diseases due to lack of water. "Cat Electric Water Fountain/Water Fountain" can provide cats with clean drinking water at any time to ensure that they can replenish water in a timely manner, so that shovelers can go out with peace of mind. However, there are many types of electric water dispensers, differences in capacity or whether they are equipped with a filter water purification system, etc., are the key points worth observing when purchasing.

Everyone must know the importance of water to cats, so how to attract cats to get enough water is the homework that the owner should do. Let's get to the point and see how to choose a suitable electric water dispenser for cats!

1. Proper height can reduce the burden on cats
A container that is too low will cause the cat to bend over to drink, which is not a problem when they are young and healthy, but if the cat in the house is old, this action will cause considerable burden on their neck and spine. In addition, being closer to the ground is also more prone to problems of dust and hair falling into the water.
Allowing cats to drink in a comfortable position can increase their willingness to drink. However, increasing the height also increases the probability of tipping, especially when it comes to naughty and curious cats, pay attention to stability in addition to height.

2. Let the cat whiskers have enough room to stretch
Shit shoveling officers must know that whiskers are very important to cats, because the roots of whiskers are connected to the nervous system and are extremely sensitive, which can help cats judge the distance, direction and even material of objects.
If the containers for cats to eat and drink are too small, the whiskers are often soiled or stuck, which will easily cause stress and reduce their willingness to eat and drink. If you find that your cats are in a situation where they don't like drinking water, you may want to check whether the water container is causing them similar problems. When purchasing a water dispenser, you may wish to observe whether the capacity and shape match your cat's body size to ensure that they can drink water comfortably and without stress.

3. The circulating water purification system is easy to clean
Generally speaking, if the drinking fountain has the design of the circulating water purification system, it is much better than the model with only a simple motor device in terms of hygiene. But if you neglect to clean or replace the filter consumables infrequently, the drinking fountain will still not be able to continuously provide clean and good water for your cat.
Therefore, in addition to cleaning at least 1 or 2 times a week, it is also very important to avoid purchasing styles that are too complicated in structure or have too many dead ends, which make disassembly and cleaning difficult. If you feel that this type of product is a little burdensome to clean, it may be more suitable to choose a style that automatically replenishes drinking water or requires frequent water changes.

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