With the improvement of people's living standards, the cats at home are also becoming more and more particular about their lives. Many pet owners are no longer satisfied with the practice of preparing a mat for cats and using it as a cat house, so Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd will introduce to you what better cat houses are available.

A cat is a very vigilant animal, even when it is sleeping, it is easy to wake up when there is wind and grass. Therefore, a high-quality cat house should meet the characteristics of closed and sound insulation. At the same time, cats are also very cold-tolerant animals, so their nests should be kept warm, but they should also have good air permeability. When choosing the material of the cat house, pay attention to environmental protection, and it should not be harmful to the cat's body.

The simple version of the cat litter can be a thick cushion with a "fence" around it. The advantage is that it is easy to move, does not take up too much space, and it is very convenient for cats to enter and exit. The disadvantage is poor sound insulation. There are a variety of "cushion-style" cat houses for sale in pet stores, which are stylish and beautiful in appearance. The upgraded cat house can be a kind of "box", just like a human room, with a "roof", a "wall", and a "door and window". The pet owner can use a cardboard box instead. Make an entrance and exit on the box with a soft cushion or his own old clothes. Of course, the pet owner can also buy a "box-style" cat house directly at the pet supply store.

Some people in modern times have designed a kind of "cat villa" according to the characteristics of cats' love to climb. It combines the functions of cat house and cat climbing frame. The flexible space design satisfies the cat's desire to explore. You can play in the cat villa for a whole day. There are two types of cat villas: open and closed, and the pet owner can choose according to his own situation. The open cat villa is composed of several pillars and small boxes with entrances and exits. The cats can freely enter and leave the small boxes (sleeping space), and they can also enjoy the fun of climbing. The enclosed cat villa is a large cage to place cat houses, cat climbing frames, cat swings and other facilities. The advantage is that it can prevent cats from running around and scratching the furniture at home. The disadvantage is that it covers a large area. Event space is limited. However, it is not recommended to raise cats in cages, because cats are animals that require a lot of activities. The space in the cage is small, which is not conducive to the cat's daily exercise. It is not good for the cat's health after a long time, and it is easy to make the cat depressed.

The placement of the cat litter is also very important. Cats like to be warm, and the house should be placed in a place with a suitable temperature, otherwise the cat will not like to go to sleep. Moreover, the cat house should be relatively hidden, and it is best to be closer to the owner's bed to meet the cat's need for a sense of security. Put cat food and water near the cat house, and a comfortable living environment is ready for the cat.

In addition, some other people’s cats are not willing to sleep in the cat house carefully prepared for them by the owner, but very chicly sleep wherever they want. Sometimes the cat sleeps on the sofa, sometimes the cat sleeps in the closet, and sometimes the cat will jump on the bed to sleep with the owner. In winter, the cat will sleep on the heater or near the electric heater. Therefore, the preparation of the cat house is not necessary, but also "differs from cat to cat."

In fact, whether it is a simple cat house or a luxurious cat litter, the most important thing is that the cat likes it and the owner is convenient. No matter where cats sleep, as long as they are soft and warm, they like it.