How to make a pet hair dryer?

You can notice that the general power of the hair dryer we use is more than 1000 watts, but the power of the water blower is generally more than 2000 watts. The water blower generally consists of a fan, a hose and a bracket. It can also be placed directly on the ground without a bracket. The hose is a bit like the hose on our home washing machine or vacuum cleaner. The front end is usually equipped with a flat head, which is convenient for blowing. . Now some water blowers are also equipped with a heating function, which makes the pet dry faster when blowing hair. Water blowers on the market now range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Because the principle of the water blower is very simple, I saw some people make a water blower on the Internet, and I heard that it is also very good. If you are a skilled person, you can try it yourself.

Do as follows:
1. Go to the hardware store to buy a fan: There are two types of fans: centrifugal fans and axial fans. The fans of special water blowers are generally axial and add a shell. When you DIY your own water blower, you can buy centrifugal fans. In this way, it is not used as a shell, which is more convenient to process and does not affect the use effect.
2. Buy a piece of hose: This is also very easy to buy. Hardware stores or small shops that sell daily necessities have them. You can buy a slightly longer one, so that you can have more room for movement when drying the dog. .
3. Connect the hose to the fan outlet, you can try to use super glue or tape, I think super glue may be stronger.
4. Add a layer of protection net at the entrance of the fan: the entrance of the centrifugal fan is at the fan, you can buy a piece of screen mesh to wrap the entrance, the main function is to prevent pet dog hair from entering the fan . In this way, the DIY water blower is made, and it is not difficult to see. Basically you can get it for a few hundred bucks.