How to make a pet water fountain?

There are many automatic water feeders for animals on the Internet, ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, but have you ever thought about using the items around us to manually make an automatic water feeder for your pet? ? This saves money, makes sense, and is very simple. It only takes three steps. Let's learn together with me! PS: Smart people can understand just by looking at pictures! (The principle will not be mentioned. Anyway, if there is no water, the water will automatically flow, and the water level will stop flowing if the cap of the small beverage bottle filled with water is lower.)

Step 1: Find two bottles, one of which is best to choose a large beverage bottle, I chose a large green tea bottle and a small bottle here.

Step 2: Cut out the corresponding shape of the large beverage bottle as shown in the figure. Note: first cut the diameter of the circle to a small size and then adjust it slowly. Do not cut the diameter too large at once. Be sure to hold the water bottle to make it fit with the large beverage. There should be some gaps between the bottles. Then burn the red part with a lighter, so as not to accidentally scratch the skin of the animal.

Step 3: Cut a hole in the cap of the small bottle, about which can fit a pencil, then put a little water in the large bottle, fill the small bottle with water, and cover the cap with the side of the cap facing Then, insert it into the round mouth of the large beverage bottle. Isn't it very simple, go and give water to the little animals.