The main functions of the pet drying box: pet drying, precise temperature control, setting drying time, disinfection, etc.
Purpose of use: save manpower, the whole process of pet fur drying is done by machine instead of manpower, saving manpower. Protect the environment and prevent pet hair from spreading into the air during the process of drying your pet with a water blower. Protect the personal safety of pet groomers or pet owners, and protect groomers from being bitten or scratched by pets during the drying process. Give your pet a good and comfortable drying environment.

Extended information
The pet oven should be equipped with a ventilation and ventilation system, which uses a combination of internal circulation and external circulation to ensure the amount of oxygen inside the box and prevent pets from suffocating in the box. The airflow in the box must be circulated, so that the pet fur can be dried from all angles without drying dead ends. The box should have a partially transparent door, which cannot be completely closed and sealed, so that the pet cannot see the outside world and avoid causing fear to the pet.

The drying box is made of profiled steel and thin plates and then welded. The structure is reasonable, the box body is beautiful in appearance, strong and durable. It can be used as a sample shelf and trolley in the studio. The studio and the box shell are filled with good thermal insulation. Insulation.

The blower device can force the heated air in the working room to convection, which improves the temperature uniformity in the box. Opening the air ceiling valve can make the air in the work room fresh. An air duct is installed between the left wall of the working room and the insulation layer in the blast box, and there are blast air, fan blades and guide plates inside. The blast switch can be turned on to make the blower work.