The pet owner bought a beautiful nest for the cat, but the cat doesn't like to sleep. Why does the cat not sleep when it has a nest, but likes to huddle with the owner? It turned out to be because of these points.

1. I don't like cat litter. The reason why cats do not want to sleep in the cat litter may be related to the material of the cat litter. Cats have a very keen sense of smell, and cats may not like the smell of cat litter. In addition, you sleep your cat in a bamboo and rattan cat litter in winter, and you sleep your cat in a fluffy cat litter in summer, of course the cat doesn’t like it!
2. The bed is more comfortable. As the weather changes, so does the place where dogs sleep. In winter, cats prefer to sleep huddled with their owners because it is warmer. And compared with his own nest, the owner's bed is bigger and more comfortable.
3. Staying with the owner has a sense of security. Cats prefer to sleep with their owners because they feel more secure when they are with their owners. Moreover, many owners need to go to work during the day and do not have so much time to accompany the cat, so the cat will choose to stay by the owner's side at night.
4. The placement of the cat litter is wrong. Cats don’t like to sleep in the nest, but prefer to sleep together with their owners. It may be because the cat’s litter is not placed in the right place. If you put the cat’s litter in a public place, every time you have guests at home, the cat will Being "greeted" in turn, is it any wonder the cat doesn't run away? It is recommended to put the cat litter in a quiet and private space.
5. The psychology of protecting the master. In fact, cats also have a protective mentality. They want to be very close to their owners. When there is any movement in the house, the cats can react immediately. Even if the cat does not sleep with the owner or return to the nest, it will sleep near the owner.
6. Cats don't know they are cats. In the world of cats, it may not think of itself as a cat, it thinks that it is of the same kind as its owner. When a cat sees its owner go to bed, it should go to bed itself. So cats like to sleep together with their owners at night.

What should I do if the cat doesn't like to sleep in the cat bed?
The owner can sprinkle some catnip in the cat litter, or put some toys and snacks that the cat likes, etc., to attract the cat's interest and let the cat stay in the cat litter.

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