Let me start with the conclusion. Generally, you can buy ordinary mobile water fountain for cats, and constant temperature water fountain are not very useful.
Because based on experience, even some puppet cats with "weak gastrointestinal" will basically not have gastrointestinal discomfort when drinking cold water.




On the one hand, because drinking fountains are generally placed indoors, even if the water is cold, the water will not reach the point of piercing; on the other hand, cats are also related to the way cats drink water, and licking and drinking is basically a small gastrointestinal irritation.
So one sentence summary is: not afraid of cats drinking cold water, just afraid of cats not drinking water!

Many times we find that cats are not so cold with the water in the basin or bowl, but like to drink some tap water or toilet water. This is also related to their nature.
Because in the eyes of cats, flowing water represents clean water, so mobile drinking fountains are also derived on this basis, hoping to cultivate the habit of drinking water for cats.
However, even if you use a mobile water fountain, you must be careful to disassemble and clean it at least once a week, so as to ensure the clean water quality, otherwise the Mao child will still be disgusted.

Finally, to make a summary:
For cat owners, there is no need to buy a constant temperature drinking fountain, because according to the cat's drinking habits, cold water will not stimulate their intestines and stomach.
Not afraid of cats drinking cold water, just afraid of cats not drinking water. It is recommended that everyone choose mobile drinking fountains first, which can meet the cat's demand for drinking live water.
However, not all cats like to drink flowing water, so cat drinking fountains are not suitable for all cats. It is better to observe cats’ daily habits and make decisions.