Several functions of pet automatic feeder:



(1) Replace manual self-feeding
Because most of us now have to face regular overtime work, business trips, and even short-term leave home during holidays.
So when the cat owner is at home, in order to prevent them from being hungry, the automatic pet feeder is indeed a great help!
If you are away from home for a long time, such as annual leave or long-term business trips, it is still recommended to go to foster care.


(2) Help pets develop regular and quantitative eating habits.
Anyone who has raised a dog should know that a dog does not know that it is "full".
It eats as much as you feed. This is also related to the dog's special physical condition. The "satisfaction" is transmitted slowly.
Cats are relatively good, but some of them are "out of control".
The pet feeder can help Mao children develop a good habit of eating regularly and quantitatively with each meal, which can better control their weight and benefit their health.


(3) Reduce the spread of the smell of cat food and dog food in the home.
I thought we might just throw a pile of cat food into the bowl when we feed the cat. If the cat can't finish it, the whole house may smell of cat food.