1. When choosing a cat nest, you must start from the cat’s needs. Have you found that your cat is particularly interested in boxes? The cat litter you buy should also have this feature. It is best to have a sunken shape in the center, just like a felt hat lying upside down. The size of the cat nest is based on the standard that the adult cat can stretch its limbs comfortably when lying flat. In addition, it is best for cats who are still breastfeeding to choose a semi-enclosed cat litter, which can keep warm from the cold and give the cat a sense of security.
2. A variety of cat nest are used together to meet the needs of different seasons. It is best to prepare different cat nest and litter pads for cats in different seasons. Cotton pads can be used in spring and autumn. Keep warm in winter and increase warm bedding. In summer, cats are afraid of heat. In order to achieve the heat dissipation effect, the rattan mat is the best choice.
3. Quality must pass. The material of the cat nest should be made of non-toxic materials with high hardness and no peculiar smell. The inside, outside and edges of the litter must be smooth to avoid injuring the cat. The cat nest should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to give the cat a clean and tidy rest space.