If the cat is not trained to sleep in its own cat house when the cat is small, it will cause it to have no habit of sleeping in the cat house. So, how to train cats to sleep in their own cat house, today, Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd tells you.

It is very important to train the kittens as early as possible and develop the habit of sleeping in the cat house. Cats should prepare a cat house or box, and put a mat in it before buying the cat.
If it is winter, put a hot water bottle in it. Or put the cat house in a warm place and let the cat sleep in it every day.
If it is found that the cat does not want to go back to the cat’s house to sleep, and then ran to the owner’s house to sleep, the owner must issue the “no” command and put the cat back into his house at the same time.
The owner of the cat house can cover the cat house with a wire cover to force the cat to sleep in it. Repeat this several times, and the cat will gradually develop a good habit of sleeping in a fixed place.

When the kitten is training, the owner should pay attention to the following points.
1. Young cats are easier to train than adult cats. Don't miss the kitten's growth process, otherwise it will become "younger and younger without training, the boss is in vain".
2. Schedule training at the correct time. Don't turn over the old account. The cat is very forgetful. If you do a good job, you should reward the cat immediately.
3. Patience, love, and determination of a three-hearted policy. Everyone has a different personality. Just like a cat with noble self-esteem, don't blame it easily. For an inert cat, the owner should always remind himself that "teaching in accordance with their aptitude" is also useful for cats.
The above is for you how to teach cats to sleep in their own cat house, I hope it will help you!