In addition to blowing hair, you should brush your dog every day
In addition to blow-drying, you should also brush your dog regularly. Most dogs love to be brushed, and regular grooming strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog, while keeping the dog's coat shinier and more beautiful.
Long-haired dogs are best brushed every day to prevent tangles, while short-haired dogs can be brushed once a week. But no matter what type of hair your dog has, you'll be happy if you brush your dog. Grooming your dog during the shedding season will help prevent hair from flying around your home. When the owner is grooming the dog, they can also check their skin to see if there is any skin problem, and find and solve it early.

Besides cage dryers, you have these options
If using a cage dryer makes you uncomfortable, there are plenty of ways to get your dog cleaned, groomed, and dried.
For example, you can ask a professional pet groomer to come to your home. Not only can a groomer give the dog his undivided attention, but you can also be there to ensure there are no accidents from drying out the cage.
For another example, you can also wash and blow your dog at home. As long as you have enough time, energy and patience, the effect of washing will not be worse than that of a beauty salon.

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