In terms of convenience, pet dryers are indeed very convenient. Put the pets that need to be dried in the box and press the switch to dry them as long as they wait. However, using a water blower requires the beautician to control the pet in the whole process, and carefully blow dry each part of the blower. Some pets react violently during the blowing process and require strong control. The sound will make the pet nervous. However, the artificial drying method can dry the pet's hair to the maximum and safest degree, including the nail crevices and other parts, and the pet's skin condition can be observed during the drying process. If there is a slight skin disease, the owner can be notified as soon as possible and prevented as soon as possible.

The convenience of pet dryers is very good, but there are a few points we have to doubt: First, whether it can dry every part of the pet, such as the toe gap, the pet is mostly sitting in the box, and the pressure Second, the pet owner or beautician who has experienced hair drying for pets knows that it takes more than half an hour to completely dry the hair of a small teddy, and the pet is steamed in a hot box. I can imagine how uncomfortable it was for half an hour. Third, it is inconvenient to observe the pet's skin condition, unable to discover the pet's health status from a bathing service, unable to strengthen communication with pet owners, and unable to increase the sales of nutritional products, medicines and other products. Fourth, the use of pet dryers is expensive, but with the improvement of convenience, safety, and efficiency, some pet stores have reduced the price of pet bathing, leading to a vicious circle of price wars in the industry.