Many pet owners complained that the cat house they bought for the cat was not used at all, and the cat would rather sleep on the ground than in the cat litter. Cats don't like to sleep in cat houses, in fact, they think so, don't be silly anymore!

1. The location of the cat house is too noisy
Because cats have very sensitive hearing, they don't like noisy environments very much, which can affect the cat's rest and make the cat feel very irritable.
Cats don't like to sleep in cat dens, probably because cats think that the location of the cat den is too noisy, making it impossible for cats to sleep properly. For example, if the cat litter is placed in the aisle or in a room near the market, it is recommended to move the location of the cat litter to a quiet place.

2. Trust the environment at home
Cats are timid and need time to adapt to the new environment. Cats who have just arrived home like to sleep in the cathouse because it will make the cat feel more secure.
When the cat no longer likes to sleep in the cat litter at home, but will sleep everywhere in the house, such as on the cardboard box, on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa, in fact, because the cat trusts the home environment, so it no longer pays attention to the sleeping position .

3. The material of the cat house is uncomfortable
For cats, the material of the cat litter is also very important. Cats are very afraid of heat in summer, and very afraid of cold in winter. If the cat litter used in the two seasons is not right, the cat will not like to sleep.
For example, in winter, the material of the cat litter is cold, or in summer, the material of the cat litter is fluffy, which will make cats feel uncomfortable, so they are unwilling to sleep in the cat litter. .

4. The cat house space is too small
The sleeping position of the cat is also very particular. If the cat already trusts the owner and the home environment, the sleeping position will be very "presumptuous", such as sleeping on all fours, sleeping acrobatics, etc.
Cats don't like to sleep in cat dens, in fact, because the space of cat dens is too small, it is not suitable for cats to sleep in wanton sleeping positions, even turning over is difficult. So cats prefer to sleep everywhere, so they can do whatever they want.

5. Want to sleep with the master
After the cat has identified the owner, they all want to sleep with the owner. The cat is willing to sleep with the owner, which is also the performance of the new owner.
Cats usually don't like to sleep in cat houses. In fact, it is because they want to sleep with their owners, so that they can stick to their owners and enhance their relationship with their owners. Therefore, many cats love to go to bed and sleep with their owners. If the pet owner wants to enhance the relationship with the cat, he can reward the cat with some freeze-dried snacks.

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