Does running the water fountain on all the time consume a lot of power?

Will do. The water fountain was always on and drained power. The heating or cooling mechanism of the water fountain is set in advance, such as heating to 90°C and power off, cooling to 12°C and power off. If the green light is on during heating, it means that the water temperature meets the requirements, and the water fountain automatically cuts off the resistance wire. The next step is the heat preservation state, which basically consumes no electricity. But it is worth noting that the green light only lasts for a short time, and when the temperature drops, it will automatically heat up and the red light will turn on. The general situation is like this, the traffic lights are alternately jumping, and the cooling principle is the same as the heating.

1. Place it correctly: the water fountain cannot be placed on combustibles, too close to combustibles, or placed in a room with flammable, explosive and corrosive gases for a long time. It is recommended to place it in a well-ventilated, A cool and dark place.
2. Do not use temporary power supply: When using the water fountain, be careful not to insert the power plug into the temporary wiring board, and use the temporary power supply to avoid damage to the water fountain.
3. Anti-dry burning: When the water in the bucket is used up, remember to unplug it. Do not dry-burn in an anhydrous state, which can easily cause a fire. If there is spare water, replace it in time.

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