Neither cats nor dogs at home need frequent baths, but regular baths are necessary for their health. Bathing a dog or cat is a bit of a hassle. Dogs like to play with water and will throw water all over the place, and cats who hate getting their fur wet the most are not so cooperative with the shoveling officer. But the editor thinks that the most difficult thing is to dry them after taking a bath. Drying cats or dogs with a hair dryer is a "chore". They are really afraid of hair dryers. Yes, how do you make them not afraid to blow dry them?

Why are pets afraid of hair dryers?
The high wind and high temperature of the hair dryer can dry the thick hair of pets as soon as possible, but the hair dryer makes a lot of noise when it is working, and sensitive cats or dogs will be frightened by this loud noise. Sometimes the shovel officer may not notice the distance between the hair dryer and the pet, and the hot air from the hair dryer may scald the pet's skin, causing them to fight hard not to let the shovel officer continue to help them dry their hair.

How to make pets not afraid of hair dryers?
Young pets do not need a bath, so familiarize them with a hairdryer before they need a bath. Usually, you can use the unplugged hair dryer as a toy for pets to smell and tease them. You can also let them adapt to the wind of the hair dryer in advance, and let them accept it slowly from the low gear. If it is okay to blow and play, then it is not a big problem to dry after a bath.

Some timid pets are very afraid of hair dryers. You can cover the upper body and head of the cat with a dry towel, which can play a certain role in comfort. After the lower body is dried, you can try their limbs. , and then blow the upper body through the towel, and when they slowly get used to it, you can take the towel off. When it's almost dry, you need to check whether the hair on your pet's body is dry. The abdomen of pets must be checked carefully to prevent them from catching a cold and having diarrhea.

If the pet does not give any face when drying the hair, it is recommended to use food temptation. One person feeds the pet and the other takes the opportunity to dry the pet. This method is especially effective for greedy pets. Once it's completely cleaned up, you can give your pet some small rewards in the hope that they will be more obedient the next time they take a bath.

Be sure to dry your pet's wet fur as soon as possible after a bath to prevent your pet from catching a cold from the clammy fur. Generally, everyone uses hair dryers, and friends who have the conditions will also buy water blowers for pets. The water blower is very convenient to use. It does not take too long to completely dry the hair of large pets. However, the power is large and the noise is super strong. You can choose to buy it according to your actual situation. Welcome to consult Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd!