The weather is getting warmer, every time at this time, the shoveling officer who keeps pets will be more melancholy. On the one hand, the problem of cat hair loss will become more and more serious. When it is more serious, it will even feel like opening its mouth to breathe, and will inhale the cat's hair. On the other hand, because the weather is relatively hot, even if the litter box is cleaned frequently, there will always be a smell. The following Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd. will introduce to you: How to make cat litter box smell-free in the house?

1. The location of the litter box
If you put the trash can in the bedroom or living room, and then summer arrives, the whole house may have a peculiar smell. Therefore, it is recommended to put the trash can in the bathroom or balcony. These two places, better ventilation, closed and relatively independent, will not affect the entire room environment. If you find that a trash bin has begun to emit a bad smell, it can directly open the window or ventilating fan to ventilate, so the smell will spread to the outside.

2. Don't put the litter box in a place where the sun can be directly exposed
Do not put the trash can in direct sunlight, such as a balcony on the south side. This is very inappropriate. Although it is disgusting, cat feces will ferment faster in the sun. The higher the temperature, the easier bacteria will grow and the smell will linger. To prevent this, the litter box should be placed in a cool, dark place.

3. Change the cat litter once a week
No matter what cat litter you use, you must change it once a week in the summer, so don't worry about the money. The used cat litter will be contaminated with some excrement. Although it can be used, it is easy to emit peculiar smell. Some excrement shovel officers said that they shovel excrement frequently every day, but the litter box is still very smelly. This may be because the old cat litter was not completely cleaned up and the new cat litter was poured into it. The principle of changing cat litter in summer is to change it once a week, discard all old cat litter every time, and replace all with new ones.