The intelligent trend of home makes our life more convenient, such as smart door locks, smart cat eyes and other smart home. Now, this gust of wind has blown to the pet industry.
Advantages of pet water dispenser
1. Drinking water is safer
Pets generally prefer to drink liquid water, so many cats will drink tap water. If the tap water is not specially filtered, it will have a certain impact on the health of pets. Unique quick split body design makes water change and cleaning more convenient; The silent feature of warm heart will not affect your quality of life when babies drink clean water. The active water circulation fountain in the water dispenser has greatly increased the pet's interest in drinking water. The pet water dispenser is equipped with a filter element, which makes the pet drink more comfortable.
2. Save water
The intelligent pet water dispenser is sensitive to the water, and the pet will not turn off until the tap is turned on, which will cause waste of water in the long run.
3. Comply with pet engineering
Unique cat and dog engineering design, appropriate height is beneficial to reduce the burden of spine; Smooth water flow can keep the beard dry (they hate wet beard!); The 10-degree sloping ramp at the water outlet allows them to drink in the most natural manner, with a simple appearance and low-key beauty.
4. HD camera
Provide mobile phone for timely viewing and video recording, so that the owner can observe and record the drinking situation of the pet at any time, so that your concern will not be interrupted by time distance; At the same time, you can also share your favorite videos with your friends and relatives in real time by clicking the button to share them with your friends.
When you have pets in your home, you might as well prepare a water dispenser for them to facilitate your life and improve the quality of life of pets.