How to choose a good pet comb?

There are many cats and dogs at home, and I really need a comb that is easy to clean and easy to clean, such as Persian cats, golden retrievers, Shetland and other types of hair that are relatively long and shed, and the amount is also very amazing, friends. There should be such an experience, brushing hair is refreshing for a while, but when you clean the hair stuck in the comb, it will be a headache.

When I first saw the pet electronic comb, I just thought it was a cute girl's comb, but it feels really good after use. It is suitable for all kinds of pet cats and dogs. Its practicality is much stronger than what you see! ! ! It's good looking and useful! ! !
You can see that there is a button on the front. As long as we gently push the button to the front, we can brush the hair frivolously. The contact area between it and the thumb is relatively large, and the hand feels very good!
It is almost the same as the normal needle comb, except that it has two more points. The normal needle comb does not have the effect of massaging, and the lice that are combed by the normal comb are pinched to death by hand, but the electronic comb is not. In the same way, it is mainly used to remove parasitic pests such as fleas and ticks from the hair or body of small pets such as cats and dogs, and to comb the pets' hair. Secondly, it can also be used as a lighting tool. It shocks parasitic pests on pets with a safe low current and kills or stuns them, grooming pets while removing hidden pests. It is more comfortable and labor-saving to use and feels better!

Regular grooming of pets can remove floating hair, fleas, dead skin on the body, and can also play a role in protecting the hair, especially cats in the shedding season, cats will eat more hair every day by licking their fur, friends Regularly cleaning your cat can also reduce the amount of hair your cat adds.