Cats are the same as humans, in addition to sleeping, they also need to have an area to play and relax, even if they are in a daze, they have to find a place. Therefore, a scientific cat living environment should cover sleeping areas, relaxation areas and play areas.

The sleeping area should be "Shuhu"
I believe that many shit shovelers will have such an experience. When they first started raising cats, they carefully selected a soft and cute cat litter for the upcoming cat owner with great enthusiasm, but the owner didn’t appreciate it at all. As soon as I turned around, I rolled happily in the cardboard box.
Cats like cardboard boxes, which has something to do with their "privacy" nature. A small, closed, and warm place will make them feel more secure.
Therefore, when cats think that the cat's nest is comfortable and warm enough, they will sleep in the cat's litter. Then when choosing a cat litter, consider the different types of cat litters, the situation of domestic cats, and the different habits and preferences of cats, so you should choose them in a targeted manner.
1. Fully enclosed cat litter
Most of the fully enclosed cat litters refer to the carton shape that cats especially love, with the purpose of providing cats with a safe and comfortable resting space.
 Strong sense of privacy
Strong warmth retention
Able to adjust the light of the cat resting space
Based on the comparison of advantages and disadvantages above, the fully enclosed cat litter is suitable for multi-cat households with more than two cats, lively cats, relatives, trust in the surrounding environment, and difficulty in heating in winter.

2. Semi-enclosed cat litter
I believe that many novice shit shovelers have tried this type of cat litter when they first pick up the master:
Privacy is good
Good thermal insulation
Able to provide the vision needed by cats
The semi-enclosed cat litter is suitable for cats who always keep a safe distance from people and are generally clingy. This type of cat litter can provide such cautious cats with a better view and bring them a sense of trust.

3. Open type cat litter
Compared with the semi-enclosed cat nest, the open cat nest has the following characteristics:
 Cheap price
Full field of view, strong observation
This kind of open cat litter is suitable for cats with a warm indoor temperature and who already trust the surrounding environment very much.

As for how to ensure the warmth of the cat's nest, there are actually a few things you can do:
The location of the cat litter is dry and sunny;
For the space where cats sleep, provide materials that can maintain heat as much as possible, such as laying blankets;
If conditions permit, heat can be added, such as electric blankets.

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