Air purifiers are a great way to reduce indoor air pollution. Using one in your home can help you avoid or manage problems like seasonal allergies and asthma.
A purifier is a large appliance that uses filters to remove pollutants. The filter may be activated carbon, a HEPA-like filter or even a gas filter.
The best air purifiers have the ability to remove particles, odors and gases. In addition, they can also control humidity.

A good air purifier should have a CADR rating. A CADR is a measure of filtered air flow and energy efficiency. It's important to choose a product that can treat your entire home, not just a single room.

For a more general gas removal, an activated carbon filter is a good choice. It's similar to burning wood over a fire, but under more controlled conditions.

An air purifier with reactive oxygen species technology, also known as hydroxyl radical or ROS, is another option. This technology kills pathogens by releasing atomic oxygen.
A pre-filter is also a good idea. It captures pollen, fungi, bacteria and other tiny particles. It also helps to retain the life of other filters.