Combs - maintain healthy dog ​​hair
The "exclusive" grooming item that most dogs have is a comb. However, there are many types of dog combs on the market. What kind of comb is right for your dog? Did you choose the right one for your baby? Let's take a look at how knowledgeable a little pet comb can be!

Knot opening comb: It has knife-like comb teeth, which can cut off hair knots and have a strong knot opening function.
Needle Comb: Comb the dog's coat to make it fluffy, comb out the sticky hair, and remove small knots and dead hair. Suitable for fluffy dogs, such as Poodle, Bichon, Pomeranian, etc. due to different functions,
Comb: For dogs with slender and smooth hair, it can be well combed. Combs whose teeth are neatly arranged in rows are subdivided into various types according to the density and thickness of the teeth. It is mainly used to comb the coat that is relatively smooth and has no knots. The comb can also be used for brushing, which is specially designed for small toy dogs such as poodles and bichons.
Nail palladium comb: The comb teeth are similar to the flat comb, the distance between the combs is large, each comb tooth can be rotated, the resistance is small in the process of combing, the damage to the hair is small, the handle is perpendicular to the comb teeth, better force, more suitable Larger dogs. It is suitable for dogs with thick and large body, fluffy hair but can be combed smoothly, such as: Samoyed, Su Mu, Gu Mu, etc.
Electric fader: Short coat can be shaved according to the required length
Flea comb: The comb is fine and the gap between the teeth is very small, just like a small grate. Using this comb to carefully comb the whole body coat, you can comb the dirt attached to the coat and the parasites on the skin surface.
Hair Removal Comb: It is suitable for the treatment of the dog's coat during the moulting period to remove the excess fluff.
Brush: has a certain cleaning effect, can remove the floating soil on the body surface, suitable for short-haired dogs
Massage comb (long handle needle comb, round handle comb): The needle teeth are elastic and can play a certain massage role. Resin or rubber is often used as the main material. There are no copper needles or comb teeth in the traditional sense. There are only thick, canine-like comb teeth. The main purpose is not to comb the coat, but to massage the skin through the coat.