1. Respect the cat's living habits. If the cat likes to sleep behind the door, under the bed, in the closet, etc., don't disturb it. The shit shoveling officers who have already started the cat litter, don't force the cat to sleep in the cat litter. If it really doesn't like it, we have nothing to do. If conditions permit, you can buy a larger cat climbing frame for the cat. The cat can not only play but also rest, but the price will be slightly more expensive.

2. The cardboard box is easier to use than the cat litter. Usually, the express cardboard box at home can be reserved for the cat. It can not only sleep but also play. The cat will have a lot of fun. If the cardboard box is broken, you can replace it with another one, which is low-cost and high-return.

3. It is not recommended to buy cages. There are some shit shoveling officers around me who don’t like cats jumping around in the house, don’t want cats to go to bed, and want to keep cats in cages. Later, the cages were idle because the cat meowing was so annoying. One of the shit-shoveling officers' cats also had their paws caught in the cage. I personally think that keeping cats in a cage completely loses the meaning of raising cats. If you don't particularly like cats, don't keep cats, lest cats and people suffer together in the end.

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