Cats at home need a warm and comfortable nest to rest and play in. Cat houses bought outside are always inappropriate. We might as well make a nest for our pets by ourselves. There are many kinds of cat houses, the common ones are open type, slipper type and tent type. Open cat litters are poor in heat retention, and the production method is relatively simple. The production methods of tent-type cat houses and slipper-type cat litters are more complicated, but they are better in warmth retention. Next, let’s learn more about it with Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd. Let's take a look at how to make a pet cat house.

First, the practice of slipper cat house
1. Prepare tools and materials, including utility knife, soft ruler, long ruler, pencil, eraser, cardboard, sponge, zipper, scissors, bead needle, sewing machine, etc.
2. How to make a cat house? Measure the size, and the specific size should be determined according to the size of the pet cat. Generally speaking, pet cats with a length of less than 40 and 6-12 catties can use a slipper-style cat litter of 47 (length) * 30 (width) * 12 (thick).
3. First make the bottom plate, find a piece of cardboard to draw the plate shape, first draw a rectangle according to the length and width design, then determine the rear of the front arc, and finally cut off a quarter or a third of the new line to form an arc. After determining the arc, use a soft ruler to measure half of the circumference, write it down, and finally cut it with scissors.
4. After adjusting the shape of the pattern, you can start cutting according to the pattern. The slipper-style cat litter is made of inner core sponge board, the outer layer is wear-resistant denim, and the inner lining is gray soft knitted cotton cloth, which can be cut according to the size requirements.
5. Use a sponge to compare with the denim fabric. The denim fabric should be a circle larger than the sponge. Reserve at least 2cm. You can reserve more, because the sponge is stretchable. When cutting, remember to point a shape and mark the center line of each piece of material. Generally, we fold it in half, and then cut a small opening on the edge of the center line, no more than 1cm.
6. What is the method of pet cat house? After all the fabrics are cut, you can sew all parts together. When sewing, first locate the center line of the sponge board and the fabric denim, and then fix it with bead needles or pins. Note that the fabric is a circle larger than the sponge. Finally, sew, paying attention to the stitching to be moderate and the thread to be taut. The biggest difficulty in making cat litter is sewing. If it is not done well, the materials will easily be scrapped.

Second, the practice of open cat house
1. The open cat house is actually a big circle, mainly composed of two parts: the inner circle and the outer circle. So, what is the homemade method of the cat litter? First find two pieces of cloth, put them together, cut them to the required size, and then sew the inner circle and the outer circle together according to the drawing requirements, leaving a hole at the end when sewing. It is convenient to stuff the stuffing cotton in, and the sewn cat litter is like a round cushion at this time.
2. After stuffing the cotton in, sew the 8 lines between the inner circle and the outer circle in turn, so that the disc-shaped mat will stand up and form an open cat nest.

Third, tent-style cat house practice
1. How to make a homemade cat house? First, we can make the bottom of the litter. We can choose some soft materials that are not easy to scratch, and then cut out a suitable size according to the length of the cat.
2. The next step is to make the frame of the cat's nest. You can use thin iron wire to make a frame for the cat's nest. The thin iron wire should not be too soft or too hard.
3. After the frame is finished, cover the surroundings and the ceiling of the frame with cloth, or use an old cotton jacket to surround the frame. Be careful not to have edges and corners at the edges, and to fix them firmly.
4. Finally, make a door of the right size according to the size of the cat. It should not be too large, otherwise it will not be able to keep warm. Try to make it as small as possible so that the cat can get in.

Fourth, the practice of carton cat house
cardboard box, scissors, tape, markers
1. Prepare a large discarded cardboard box
2. Make a roof
3. Cut out the windows and doors
4. Use a marker to make some decorations, and write the name of the cat (you can freely use your creativity on this point).