When you're ready to blow him, try putting your dog in a smaller space, like the bathroom, and have some treats he likes to eat aside. Then turn on the pet hair dryer, on the lowest setting, and do not heat it. When you're done with this step, give your dog some prepared treats and encourage them.

While the dryer is working, feed the treats one by one and slowly bring the treats closer and closer to the dryer. But make sure you don't get the hair dryer in your dog's eyes or ears.

When you are ready to slowly aim the hair dryer at the dog, first make sure that the hair dryer is at the right temperature, not cold air. Then slowly start blowing your dog, rewarding them with food while blowing, and praising them in an encouraging tone. Remove the treats as they get used to it, but you still use words to encourage them.
During this process, if your dog appears restless or irritable, don't scold them or praise them, and maintain a neutral attitude. Then slowly repeat the above process. Encourage and praise them as soon as they do well.

Once your dog is accustomed to the low setting of the hair dryer, blow it on a higher temperature. Never overheat or it will injure your dog. Use your hands to keep swiping through its hair as you blow dry, so you can make sure your skin doesn't get burned. If your hands are too hot, it's definitely too hot for your dog.