How to get cats and dogs to drink more water? The best way is of course running water. For a pet water fountain that is not easy to overturn, it has always been my best choice. The fact that cats and dogs do not like to drink water is the heart disease of many shit shoveling officers, because there are many problems such as kidney stones, organ failure and urethra caused by too little water intake. Yellow urine in cats and dogs is also a sign of too little water intake. In order to solve this problem, an artifact called "pet water fountain" appeared, which is said to simulate water from a faucet or fountain to the greatest extent, attracting cats and dogs to drink water in the form of flowing water.

The advantages of the water fountain are as follows: Choose a water dispenser for cats, cats and dogs, so that your pets can drink healthy and fun. The circulatory system is the most important. Drinking water is too static for a long time, which is easy to cause bacteria to grow. The circulating water of pet water dispenser can increase the oxygen content of water. The living water system of pet water fountain traces its original nature and returns to the essence of drinking water. The shape is like drinking a spring.

The filter is equipped with a filter element, and the drinking water is purified and filtered by circulating water, and only flowing water does not leave scale. The silent water pump is very important to the experience in life. The high-efficiency water pump is completely silent, and the water pump needs to have a protection mechanism. If the water level is too low, the red signal light will light up to remind the owner to add water, and the water pump will be automatically turned off to avoid the hidden danger of dry burning. It is safer to use, and the pump cycle can activate the drinking water, just like a trickling stream, which is more loved by pets and helps pets drink more water. It is best to use an independent inner barrel, which can be taken out and cleaned separately, without dragging the line, and the cleaning is worry-free. The material of pet water fountain should be environmentally friendly and ecological, and cannot blindly pursue low prices. Upgrading from traditional bowls and basins to pet water fountains not only brings convenience to owners, but also brings happiness and health to pets.