Many families raise cats, but few people pay attention to the fact that cats have their own personalities. Cats with different personalities like to sleep in different places, so how to choose a suitable cat house? What factors should be paid attention to when choosing a cat house?

What problems should be paid attention to when choosing a cat house?
1. Appropriate size
Many people like big houses, but cats are different from people. They don’t have a clear concept of size. As long as the place they live in has enough sense of security, they can fall asleep. If it is more comfortable, they can sleep more soundly , so sometimes a big house may not be what cats like.

2. Give a sense of security
The cat’s need for a nest is actually similar to that of humans, which is a sense of security. Humans first want to have a sense of security. People who like big houses also want to have more free space on the basis of having a sense of security. Therefore, the most simple nest for cats should be slightly larger than the body size, but it is best to be fully enclosed.

3. Pay attention to privacy
At the same time, the cat litter should pay attention to good privacy and security. Fully enclosed can solve the privacy problem, but how to understand the security? Cats are wild and undegenerated animals, and they are always on alert to see if there is any danger nearby. So in a closed form, a properly sized door or watch window is very important for cats.

4. Choose according to different breeds of cats
After solving the safety problem, it is necessary to consider the experience of the cat. Long-haired cats and short-haired cats have different body sensations to the external environment. For example, long-haired cats are not afraid of the cold in winter, but short-haired cats always want to get under the covers. The comfort of the cat's nest also determines whether the cat will frequent it. Long-haired cats have little opinion on the softness and hardness of the cat litter, while short-haired cats and even hairless cats like Sphynx have strong opinions on whether the bed is soft or not. Therefore, long-haired cats like Ragdolls like to sleep on scratching boards or sisal, while short-haired and hairless cats must be given a soft mat.

5. Season selection
In terms of seasons, there is not much difference between spring and autumn. It depends entirely on the preferences of the owner and the cat. Whether it is made of straw, rattan, cotton pads or other forms can be used; the bed in winter is naturally warm. It is the first choice; in summer, it is more suitable to use rattan baskets. At this time, the heat dissipation function of the bed is very important. The gaps of rattan baskets are larger than those of straw, and the air permeability and heat dissipation are stronger. The best choice for summer.

6. Be aware of their territorial intentions
In addition to privacy, some cats also have a strong desire for territory. In addition to the need for safe and comfortable cat litters, more freedom should be given, such as the leisure space on the second floor, so that cats can look down from a height. Usually cats that love to climb have such needs, just observe carefully.

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