First of all, it is not recommended for elderly dogs and short-nosed dogs and cats. Short-nosed dogs and cats have much higher requirements for moisture in the air than other animals due to their short respiratory tracts, and the strong wind in the pet drying box will drain the moisture in the box, causing short-nosed pets to have difficulty breathing. Therefore, it is recommended that owners with short-nosed pets try not to use pet drying boxes. Older dogs have slightly poorer physical functions, and their hearts will also be strained. It is not recommended to stay in a closed drying environment for a long time.

Although the pet drying box can reduce the burden of the groomer and reduce the sound stimulation of the little baby who is afraid of the hair dryer, the pet drying box needs to be used with caution, or when the owner is nearby. In addition, the dryer cannot take care of all the small parts, such as the toes, abdomen, neck, etc., so after the dryer is used, the beautician needs to reprocess the dead corners again.

If you use a pet drying box, the baby must come out with enough water, because when the baby comes out of the dryer, the baby will be in a dehydrated state, replenish the body's water in time, and don't go outdoors for secondary damage such as exposure to the sun, high temperature, etc. Causes diseases such as heat stroke in dogs.
Therefore, both the store and the parents must read the instructions carefully when using the dryer, and do not take it lightly and hurt their pets. As long as the pet drying box is properly viewed and used, and combined with manual drying work, pet drying will become easier and easier.

To sum up, as long as the pet drying box is properly viewed and used, and the manual drying work is matched, the pet drying work will become easier and easier. I hope all of your hairy children grow up healthy and perform well in bathing and drying.