Cats are smart and cute, but they are also very playful. There is a beautiful cat house and a comfortable cat litter, which can also make cats more like staying on their own territory, and they will not just go to the bed and make trouble. How to make a delicate cat out of a cardboard box Well, today Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd will introduce to you.

1. According to the body shape of your cat, choose a suitable size cardboard box, dismantle it and flatten it;
When a cat becomes an adult, the weight is generally about 5kg. You can choose a cardboard box with a length of 30cm x a width of 25cm x a height of 15cm. The cardboard hardness should be thicker, and the cat litter will be stronger. In addition, the carton should be clean and odor-free. Do not use the box containing chemicals or medicines as a cat house, otherwise the cat may not like the smell of the box and will not want to sleep in it.

2. Draw the drawing of the cat house on the carton, and stick it with double-sided tape and large tape on all sides;
The carton can be spread out first, then download some drawings of cat houses on the Internet, draw the drawings on the cardboard with a ruler and a marker, and then glue the four sides of the cardboard with thick double-sided tape, so that it becomes a three-dimensional frame cat house. Finally, wrap the outer layer of the house with transparent glue for reinforcement. It is best to wrap it tightly with transparent glue, which is also waterproof.

3. Bond several layers of cardboard to the bottom of the cat house, and put thick old clothes or cotton pads on it;
The bottom of the cat's house should be made of thicker cardboard. If the cardboard itself is not thick enough, you can use several overlapping sheets to make the bottom of the cat's house. Some old clothes or cotton pads should also be prepared at the bottom of the cat litter to make the cat more comfortable and warm when sleeping.

4. Splicing the cat house, put a roof on the cat litter, and open a door for the cat to enter and exit.
After the bottom of the cat house is bonded to the frame, you can make a roof and paint it with your favorite color to make the cat house look warmer and more beautiful. The last thing is to open a door for the cat to enter and exit easily. If the cat is overweight, the door of the cat must be wider, so that the cat cannot feel depressed.