Presumably, "bathing" has always been the most troublesome thing for countless pet owners. Once the well-behaved and obedient furry children come to the juncture of taking a bath, they will instantly turn into demons: resistance, throwing water, etc. are indispensable, until they stir up the owner. exhausted.

That's not to mention, the more difficult task of "drying" after the bath, the sound of the hair dryer can be heard in the pet's ears, like the huge roar of a big truck running over. In this way, despite the master's various pleas, the hairy children still stubbornly resist and resolutely refuse to obey.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of drying pets after cleaning, the "pet drying box" came into being: no need to wrap the towel, no need to hold the hair dryer everywhere to blow, just put the hairy child into the box, press the button , you can wait to pick up a clean and fresh baby.

The pet drying box that meets the national regulations should adopt a PID temperature control system, which can accurately control the temperature between 34-37 degrees and will not change easily; in the drying box, a single fan should realize double circulation inside and outside to help pets quickly volatilize their bodies At the same time, it also provides sufficient oxygen for the circulation of pets.

Therefore, before sending your pet into the drying box, be sure to double-check the set temperature and drying time, and closely observe the pet's reaction and state. When their hair is 80% dry, gently dry them. Take it out, and use a dry towel or a low-power hair dryer with a comb to dry the limbs or abdomen and other places that are not suitable for drying to prevent the occurrence of colds.