The basic grooming of pets is always inseparable from combs, but there are too many pet-specific combs and different shapes, which must make many parents dazzled. Ordinary combs only have the function of combing, mainly for the convenience of combing, which can remove the floating hair, dead hair, and part of the bottom dead hair of pets, making combing easy and simple. With the development of the economy and the expansion of the market, pet combs have now come out in a variety of styles, such as manual and electric. But we still choose a suitable comb according to our pet, because the length of pet hair is determined by the comb you want to buy, just like the long hair is more suitable for needle combing.

Features of our common combs:
Needle comb: It is mainly used for combing pets with long, fluffy and curved hair.

Flat comb and row comb: mainly to take care of messy hair to remove shed hair and dirt, especially for pets with long hair, it is basically suitable for all cats and dogs, and it is also the most widely used comb.

Hair removal comb: It is mainly used to remove dead hair and undercoat shed by pets during seasonal changes.

Knotted comb (knife): Mainly for long pets' hair that has been knotted. The teeth of the comb have metal blades that cut through knotted hair.

Massage Comb: For massage, it can effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin of cats and dogs, and relieve the pressure of pets.

Pet electronic comb: It is mainly used to remove parasitic pests such as fleas and ticks from the hair or body of small pets such as cats and dogs, and to comb the pet's hair. Suitable for all kinds of pet cats and dogs.

There are many combs, and each comb has its own advantages. They all have different effects. Parents can choose the right comb according to their favorite. The more functions, the better. Those combs can handle too. It is more troublesome to take care of pets, especially those with lice, which can cause quite a headache. Some people choose to use external medicines, but the medicines are not good for the dog's skin, and the comb can remove the lice. In order to Wouldn't it be the best option to protect our pet combs!