Many novice owners will find that the cat house they buy is not popular with cats. After finally training the cat to sleep in the cat house, they find that it is very difficult to clean up the cat house. In fact, the placement of the cat house after purchase is also very important. When the cat is fixed in the cat house to sleep, the owner cannot ignore the cleaning of the cat house.

The cat house should be placed in a secluded, dry, unobtrusive part of the room. The cat house is best to be able to shine in the sun, and it should not be placed in a cool and humid place. In addition to this, the cat house should be raised above the ground to keep it clean and dry, as well as allow for good ventilation and a cooler environment. Don't settle in a damp and dark place. Cats who can't see the sun are worrying about their health. However, mites and fleas like to breed in large numbers in such places. No one wants the place where cats house to become a breeding ground for parasites.

The advantage of having a cat house is that the cat rests in a fixed place, and the shed hair is relatively easy to clean up. It is more convenient to clean up the cat house than to climb the ladder to the top of the cabinet. In addition to shedding hair, cats will also have dander falling in the nest. It is not comprehensive to only remove the surface hair when cleaning. You should use some disinfectant to wash the cat's nest with water, and then clean it. Rinse the disinfectant and then dry it, so that not only the surface looks clean, but also can really achieve the purpose of preventing the breeding of germs.