What are the introductions about homemade pet water fountains?

When traveling far away, the most troublesome thing is the diet of small animals at home. I will introduce an "automatic drinking fountain" reformed by local law.

Please watch some documentaries. Many large chicken farms and farms provide animal drinking water systems. In order to prevent water pollution and maintain environmental hygiene, water is not poured into sinks and water tanks, but consists of some pipes. The end of the pipe is some small devices. When the animals need to drink water, they will drink water from the small devices. A typical one is that there is a small ball at the end of the pipe. Animals use their tongue to lick it, and the water will come down. Many friends raise rabbits and mice, which is this kind of device; the other is a small bowl with buoy control. When the water in the small bowl is low, the buoy controls the small valve to open the water source to fill the water, and the animal walks away after drinking enough water, and the water source is automatically closed.
These two types can be bought in pet stores and online. The small control head is not expensive for a few dollars, but the price of the whole set is very expensive. Many people buy the small control head and make their own.

Next, I will introduce the principle of drinking fountains with small bowls:
The design of the drinking fountain control part is very reasonable. It consists of a small drinking bowl (the red part in the picture below), a small buoy in the bowl and an upper movable valve (yellow part). The control valve is threaded on the top and can be attached to any container, even a plastic water bottle.
This little bowl with buoy control is very nice
Connect to a drinking bottle and it becomes a bird's drinker
Automatic opening: As the water level in the drinking bowl drops while the animal is drinking, the blue buoy sinks, and the other end of the buoy moves up around the white fulcrum, thereby opening the upper water inlet valve, and the water flows from the upper water storage container into a red drinking bowl. (buoy - valve in state shown by black line).
Automatically close: When the water level is full to a certain position, the blue buoy rises, and the other end of the buoy moves down around the white fulcrum, thereby closing the upper water inlet valve and always keeping a bowl of water in the drinking bowl. (buoy - the valve is in the state shown by the green line).
This little device is very good. I have made drinking fountains for poultry, and the effect is very good. Just fill the upper water tank with water every two weeks, and then rinse the lower drinking bowl, which is very trouble-free. But this thing is too small to be used for dogs to drink water. When dogs drink water, they use their tongues to lick the water, so this "drinking bowl" should be larger. So I made a little modification to this small device, and it was very simple to make a set of "automatic dog drinking water device" (the same is true for cats drinking water).

Production principle:
Still using this automatic valve with buoy control, but replacing the original drinking bowl with a larger plastic ice cream bowl and attaching the little device to a water fitting. Finally, fix the plastic bowl and the device with the buoy controller on the column, and adjust the distance up and down to complete. After a month of observation and adjustment, it is very ideal.
Drinking bowl with buoy control and a small plastic ice cream bowl
Detach the original drinking bowl and pick a water fitting
Use this buoy to control a small valve
Make a hole in a water pipe end cap to make a thread
Fix the small valve controlled by the buoy on the end cap
Fasten the ice cream bowl to the wooden post
Secure a tightening ring
Secure the end hose connector
Fix the upper connecting pipe
The water injection is successful: the water is full to the mouth of the bowl, the buoy floats up, and the water inlet valve is closed
Use an 8LT empty flower fertilizer plastic tank as a water storage tank, it is no problem to deal with it for a week or two

1. The principle of buoy control is the same, except that the bowl of the automatic "dog drinking device" is larger, and the capacity of the upper water storage tank is larger.
2. To consider the problem of water pressure, the upper water storage tank can't be made too large, I started to connect it directly to the rainwater storage tank, at least one ton of water, the pressure is too high and the small valve can't be opened. After using an 8-liter can, the pressure is still too high, and finally lowering the position of the water storage tank, it can work freely. However, it should be noted that the height of the water outlet of the water storage tank must be higher than the control valve, otherwise there will be no water pressure.

Both "automatic feeders" and "automatic drinkers" are auxiliary tools. It is best to be under the constant supervision of family members. It only plays a role in reducing the owner's regular work or temporary inability to feed. If the owner has time every day, don't be afraid Trouble, do not forget to feed and change water, of course, artificial feeding is better.