Precautions for pet water fountains for cats and dogs:
1. The body part of the water fountain and the power adapter including the connecting line cannot be soaked in water, and it does not matter if you splash water.
2. When the water fountain is working, if the lights on both sides are not on, it is normal work. If it is on, it needs to be adjusted: red light - insufficient water; orange light - change the filter element.
3. Regularly clean the water fountain, replace fresh drinking water, and raise a healthy and lively "baby", which is also the responsibility of the "shit shovel officer".
4. If there is no "spring gushing" after power-on, check whether the water pump is detached from the pipe.

At the beginning, cats and dogs may not adapt to the pet water fountain and dare not drink water. In order to gradually adapt to the pet water dispenser for cats and dogs, especially the timid ones. You can cut the ham into cubes, add a small amount of milk powder as an inducement, and slowly "get on the right track"; if there are more than 2 pets at home, you may need to add water once a day, otherwise the water level will not be "springing".

Cats, cats and dogs will get used to using the pet water fountain for about a week. The pet water fountain can be used by plugging in the plug. There are no complicated operations and settings, and you can generally get started quickly. The cleaning work in the later stage is also very simple, just rinse it directly under the tap. If you don't want to replace the filter element later, you don't need to place it directly. However, the use of filter elements can enhance the ability to purify water, and the flow of living water can also prevent bacterial growth and increase oxygen content, which is beneficial to the health of dogs. It's fun to watch the dogs rush to drink water.