1) Selection of capacity
The first thing to consider is the water storage capacity. The size of the water storage capacity of the pet water fountain is also proportional to the time you leave home and the number of cats and dogs in the house. If there is only one cat at home, you can go out for 8-10 hours. Change the water at home and add drinking water, then you can choose a 2-liter water dispenser. If there are 2 or more, you should consider a large-capacity water fountain, otherwise the pet owner will be out for too long, and the cats will face the problem of no water to drink.

2) High quality water pump
The only thing that really works for a pet water fountain is the water pump. The quality of the water pump determines how long the pet water fountain will last. A water pump with poor quality will break down after a week of use, and the water will come out in a while. There will be no water for a while, so when choosing a water pump, you should choose a high-pressure water pump to obtain a high discharge pressure, and the flow rate is independent of pressure, with good suction performance and high water output efficiency, allowing pets to obtain water more quickly.

3) Detailed filtering
All pet owners provide their pets with clean drinking water. Generally, they do not need to be purified. The main things that need to be purified are hair, food residues and other things. The high-energy filter element + filter cotton can effectively filter out the residue and Hair helps pets drink healthy water.