Since cats are picky about the cat house they sleep in, it is very difficult to choose a cat house that cats like and can sleep in all the time. It is not easy to choose a cat litter for cats. The editor summarizes the three main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a cat house. If you also have such troubles, you may wish to follow Zhejiang Dingyuan Pet Products Co., Ltd to find out.

1. Select the cat house to see the object
To choose a suitable cat house, first look at the cat's own situation. From the perspective of the applicable objects, young, sick cats or nursing cat mothers should choose some semi-enclosed cat dens; some kittens born in summer are about to spend the first cold winter in their lives. If the heating in the home is not very reassuring, be sure to choose those cat houses that block the wind and keep warm. Those on the market that are made of cotton in the shape of a small house or a cat head are more suitable. This type of cat house usually only has a small hole as an exit, which is naturally a good place for cats to hide. Some people like to make their own cat house, so the cat house is made of wood, plastic and rattan, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. The inside and outside of the house and the edges must be smooth and free of sharp hard objects to prevent damage to the cat's skin. Use waste newspaper and soft bedding on the bottom of the cat house, and put old towels or old sheets on it, so that the cat house can be warm and comfortable.

2. Seasonal selection is very important
In terms of seasons, there is house difference between spring and autumn, and the choice is entirely based on the preferences of the owner and the cat. Whether it is straw, rattan, cotton pads or other forms, they can be used; winter beds are naturally warm and natural It is the first choice; in summer, it is more suitable to use rattan baskets. In summer, parents often see that their cats have become "downlords", lying on the floor wherever they go, completely ignoring their elegant image. At this time, the heat dissipation function of the bed is very important. The gap of the rattan basket is larger than that of the straw, and the air permeability and heat dissipation are relatively strong, so this kind of cat litter is the best choice for cats in summer.

3. Combine fashion and be a trendy cat owner
The owner can also choose a cat litter with beautiful shapes and beautiful colors to decorate the scenery of the room. Some peculiarly shaped nests are the first choice of many owners. For example, the cactus-shaped nest, the green look is very cute. If the home is arranged in a natural style, with such a cat house, it will undoubtedly make people shine. Although cats don't care about color, they have higher requirements for feel. If this cactus cat house is forbidden to scratch and kick, it will be strong and beautiful. Cats are comfortable and naturally happy, and the owner's sofa can also be spared, which is undoubtedly a great boon for cat-raising families to create a high-quality life.
Just like people don't like to be at the mercy of others, cats also have specific requirements for their own nests. Some cats like to sleep on the bookcase, which proves that the cat likes high places. When purchasing a cat house, the owner should choose a relatively high place to rest. Choosing the right cat litter can save you from climbing a stool to clean the cats left on the bookcase. Hair troubles. In short, the owner should combine the habits and preferences of the cat when purchasing a cat house, and cannot regard his hobby as a cat's hobby.