There are many types of pet combs on the market, with different functions for different hair problems. Parents should choose the right comb based on their pet's hair type. Usually, the owner combs the hair of cats and dogs. There are four kinds of commonly used needle combs, flat combs, bottom hair combs, and knot combs (knives).


Needle comb:
Needle combs are used for many pets with long, fluffy, curly hair that require a dog comb. Such as Chow Chow, Lady, Bichon, Shih Tzu, etc., will make the pet's hair more fluffy and light.
There are large and small needle combs, which can be selected according to the body shape of your pet. For example, small dogs and cats can choose small needle combs. For medium and large dogs, you can choose needle combs with larger panels, so that when grooming pets, you can choose a needle comb with a larger panel. , the owner saves effort, and the pet is more comfortable.
Because the needles of the needle comb are relatively short, it is difficult to comb the roots of the hair when brushing cats and dogs. When using a needle comb, you can comb the hair in layers, from the tip of the hair to the root, so that the hair can be combed loosely and transparently without hurting the baby. Gently brushing against the direction of the hair can create a fluffy effect.
Matters needing attention: The tip of the needle comb is relatively sharp, so when brushing your pet, you must be careful about the parts with thin skin, such as eyes, ears, belly, etc., do not pierce the skin of cats and dogs. Also, be careful not to poke yourself.

Flat comb, row comb:
The most widely used comb, basically suitable for all cats and dogs, to take care of messy hair to remove shed hair and dirt, especially for pets with long hair, it can be well combed and smooth.
The spacing between the rows of comb teeth varies, some are denser, and some are wider. Generally, the selection is made according to the thickness and length of the pet's hair. For pets with thicker, denser and longer hair, use a wide-tooth row comb to comb through first, and then use a narrower-tooth or other comb for combing. Mainly because the hair is dense and easy to produce knots, and the dense comb teeth are not easy to comb. The row comb with denser teeth can better smooth the hair and make the pet look neater and more beautiful.
How to use: If the pet's coat is too thick, comb it layer by layer to avoid pulling the pet, and comb along the growth direction of the pet's hair.

Hair removal comb:
An undercoat comb is a great helper during the changing seasons. It can very effectively remove the dead hair and undercoat that the pet has fallen off, and will not cause damage to the healthy hair, which avoids the situation that the dead hair is not easy to clean.
How to use: The frequency should not be too high, first use a flat comb/row comb to smooth out the pet's hair, and then use the bottom hair comb. When in use, the teeth of the comb should be as parallel to the skin as possible (do not let the teeth face the skin vertically), and comb along the direction of the hair texture. Be careful not to comb the same part too much, just clean up the shed undercoat.

Knotted comb (knife):
As the name suggests, it mainly works on long-haired pets' hair that is already knotted. The teeth of the comb have metal blades that cut through knotted hair.
How to use: Comb in the direction of pet hair growth. To avoid clipping too much hair, do not reverse grooming. Comb once a week or every other week. Hold the knotted hair, then gently comb through the remaining section with an opener comb. Do not use excessive force when encountering induration, so as not to pull off the hair, but press the root of the hair before combing. The fluff is easy to break when it encounters the cutting edge, and the force must be measured when combing.

Massage Comb:
The massage comb is a pet-specific comb with massage function, which can effectively promote the blood circulation of the skin of cats and dogs, and relieve the pressure of pets. At the same time, it can remove shed hair during the massage, which is suitable for all cats and dogs.
The massage comb generally has round needles and will not hurt the skin. In the process of grooming, it brings comfort to cats and dogs, and can relieve pet muscle and mental fatigue.
The massage comb is simple to use, just comb in the direction of hair growth, and can be used every day.

Comprehensive comb:
In order to facilitate the owner to carry and store, many manufacturers combine combs with different functions into a comb, with different combing effects on the front and back, such as needle comb + massage comb, wide and narrow tooth pitch comprehensive comb, etc.

In addition to the commonly used combs mentioned above, there are many special combs for pets, such as raking combs, massage combs for bathing, flea combs for removing fleas, etc. The owner can choose according to the actual situation of pet hair