1. Milk cat
As for milk cats, like human babies, their immune system is not perfect, their temperature regulation ability is poor, their bones and muscles are not fully developed, and they need adequate protection, so the cat bed should be as soft as possible, and the safety depends on the cat. The mother or the owner will bear the burden. Therefore, soft cat beds are usually used in conjunction with cat cages to protect milk cats.

2. Two-story cat nest
If there are two cats in the family and the relationship is relatively good, you can use a closed two-story cat litter. Two good friends live upstairs and downstairs. It is also very interesting whether they can fight. The second floor of this kind of cat litter should be stronger, because some cats will sleep together, if they are all crowded on the second floor, it will collapse if it is not strong, and it may hurt the cat.

3. Three-layer cat litter
More cats need more space, so a three-tier or even multi-tier cat litter would be a good choice. Of course, if there is only one cat and you are very familiar with the family and do not have a sense of security, the multi-layer cat litter can also become a paradise for cats or multiple choices when sleeping. In fact, cats are the same, they like to sleep indefinitely Place.

4. Cat climbing frame
When it comes to playgrounds, the best playground is actually the cat climbing frame. Taking into account the fact that cats sometimes fall asleep while playing, the style with a sleeping room on the cat climbing frame is the most popular. Remember, of course, that while all cats love sisal, the choice of where to sleep depends on the type of cat.

5. Cat Villa
More luxurious than the cat climbing frame is the cat villa, which is equivalent to a large cat paradise, and the breathable wooden fence is used around it to make the cat feel safe, but not aggrieved. Usually there is a glass door in front, so that the cat can feel safe It also has a wide field of view. In many cases, this type of villa is also used for isolation of expectant mother cats or injured cats.

6. Cat bag
Some cats like to sleep in the cat bag, and each cat has a different attitude towards the cat bag. Some cats are afraid because it is taken out for immunization, birth control or treatment. In the eyes of cats, cat bags are painful experiences. But there are also some cats who think that the cat bag carries happiness, and what they may experience is carrying the cat bag to go out to play or compete. So for cats who like cat bags, it is not an exaggeration to give them a high-end cat bag.

7. Hemispherical cat bed
For old cats who stay at home all year round and stay at home, they no longer need a sense of security, but need comfort and health. For example, a hemispherical cat bed that makes the cat’s spine feel comfortable. This cat bed can be perfectly combined with the cat’s body shape. Fully stimulate their desire to sleep.

8. Carton
If you really don’t know how to choose, don’t forget that there is also the cardboard box, the number one on the cat litter and cat bed list, the cat’s killer, and the fetish that makes thousands of cats in the world worship. No matter what kind of cat nest, it is overshadowed by the cardboard box. It can be said that the cardboard box is the No. 1 luxury house in the eyes of cats.

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