Cats are very picky about where they sleep, temperature, safety, and smell are all within the cat's range of choice, and each cat's preferences are different. When the weather is hot, cats will choose to rest in a ventilated and cool place, and when it is cold, they like to rest in a sunny and warm place. If the owner insists that the cat sleep in the cat litter, the position of the cat litter can be adjusted according to these habits of the cat. Cats like to sleep in different places, and domestic kittens sleep in a fixed place. Such as: behind the door, between the bed and the wall, on the wardrobe, under the table, etc. If it is a multi-cat family, the rest area of ​​the cat is also independent (does not exclude good siblings).

In addition, cats with strong vigilance prefer higher places or under the bed. In this way, it will not be seen or touched, and if a stranger comes to the house, the cat can quickly hide itself. If the cat can "fearlessly" fall asleep anywhere in the house, it means that the cat is not vigilant about this place and has a strong sense of security. Depending on the level of vigilance, the cat's sleeping pattern also changes. When cats are vigilant, they usually doze while lying down, hide their limbs and tail (but not hide them), and form a ball. This sleeping position allows cats to get up and run away in the event of danger. On the contrary, if the cat sleeps with its "upside down" and exposes its belly, it means that the cat has no precautions and is very relaxed.

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