The cat house does not need to be particularly expensive, but it must have several functions: softness, heat preservation, and moisture dissipation. In addition to these points, the cat house must also pay attention to the fact that it must be anti-mite.
So, what is the use of a cat houser?

1. The problem of cat hair can be solved to a large extent. Cat hair is the thing that every shit shoveling officer fears most, and it will be troublesome to clean up. There is a place where cat hair is collected in a concentrated way, which can save a lot of trouble.
2. Avoid disturbing the shit shovel officer's rest. You will often sleep until midnight before being woken up by your cat owner, or jump on you to play.
3. Mites, as a place to sleep for a long time, it is very important to get rid of mites. There are many places you can't take care of, but in places like cat houses, you can often serve cat owners. The cat house is the safest place for it. It has its own taste. The timid cat is the safest here. In winter, some shit scavengers with cold feet will put their feet in it to warm them up. This can be regarded as a benefit for you from the cat owner, but you must pay attention to hygiene.