1. Be careful not to hurt the puppy, mainly not to get too close to the puppy's hair, so as not to scald the skin by the heat.
2. Many dogs are afraid of hair dryers. When you blow the hair dryer on it, it will scream and scramble around. Of course, there are also dogs who are not afraid of hair dryers. After each bath, they can calmly let their owners dry their hair.
3. It is very normal for a dog to be afraid of a hair dryer for the first time. In the dog's consciousness, the hair dryer is an enemy, and it is an enemy that may threaten its own safety. For the first time, the dog will not understand or know what it is when faced with this kind of windy thing. Because of this, it will be afraid, nervous, frightened, screeching around and barking.
4. To solve this problem, it takes some time to let the dog slowly understand the hair dryer. For example, if you start using a hair dryer on your dog when he is young, of course, you must use a small wind force when you first use it to reduce the irritation of the hair dryer to your dog. Slowly let the dog understand that the hair dryer will not harm it and it is comfortable to dry the hair after the bath, and slowly the dog can accept the hair dryer, and it will not be when it grows up No longer so afraid of hair dryers.