Main difference:
1. The power of the pet hair dryer is smaller than that of the pet water blower.
2. The noise of the pet water blower is louder than that of the pet hair dryer.
3. The pet hair dryer focuses on the straightening of pet hair, and the pet water dryer focuses on drying pet hair.

The main purpose is to dry and straighten the surface hair; because the wind and air volume are not enough to reach the root of the hair, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to completely dry the hair, and the temperature is high and the hair must be carefully scorched. It is generally used for straightening hair.

pet water blower
As the name implies, it dries the water. Because the accessories of the pet water blower are specially designed for pet bathing and drying, a high-strength motor is designed for the thick hair of pets, and the air volume generated by the high-strength motor is sprayed through the air outlet. , reaching a certain wind speed, it is easy to penetrate the thick pet hair, and reach the bottom of the hair root to instantly blow away the residual water at the hair root. The drying speed is 100 times that of a hair dryer. The high-intensity warm air can easily evaporate the moisture of the hair root and achieve the purpose of quick drying; however, the temperature of the warm air should not be too high, and the excessively high warm air will easily scorch the surface layer of the pet's hair. Generally, it is not much different from the pet's body temperature. A constant temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius is appropriate; special attention is not to blow the dog with high-intensity cold wind, it is easy to cause the dog to catch a cold. It is not recommended to use cold wind even in hot summer.

Common water blowers are generally divided into two types, two-speed water blowers and variable frequency water blowers;
The two-speed water blower is a low-power water blower. It is divided into high and low gears to adjust the air volume. The high-speed gear is sufficient for drying after bathing of various medium and small dog breeds. The low-speed gear can be used as a hair dryer. It can be used for general blowing and straightening of hair. It can also be used for large dogs, but the drying speed is relatively slow. The advantage is that it is cheap and suitable for general family use.

Variable frequency water blower, the so-called variable frequency is popularly said that it can freely adjust the air volume like an automatic car, any air volume can be adjusted, without the limit of the gear position, it truly achieves the effect of any air volume adjustable, generally suitable for giant dogs For use with large long-haired dogs, such as golden retrievers, Afghan hounds, giant ladies, etc., the drying effect is very ideal, and it is the model for pet grooming shops and large long-haired dogs at home.

Most people have some misunderstandings in the purchase of machines. It is not that the higher the power, the stronger the wind. The calculated value is FPM (Feet Per Minute). The higher the value, the higher the wind speed, the easier it can blow away the water in the pet hair, and the faster the drying speed. This is the performance of the machine's own technology.