Using a smart pet water fountain is an easy way to keep your furry friend hydrated. It is easy to install, easy to clean, and it can keep your pet drinking clean, fresh water.

These water fountains also keep the water a couple of degrees cooler than a bowl. This makes the water more appealing to your pet, which increases their water intake.

The smart pet water fountain is also energy efficient. It runs on a small motor, which means it will not strain your energy bill. It also has a UV lamp, which will remove chlorine and impurities from the water.
The water comes out of the fountain at a constant rate, making it more appealing to your pet. A recirculating system also ensures optimum oxygenation.

The water in a pet fountain is also much cleaner than the water coming out of a bowl. The filter is composed of a combination of activated carbon and non-woven fabric.

The water fountain also has a re-fill indicator, making it easy to keep the water level at a constant rate. The filter should last for at least a week, but you can expect to change it at least once a month.

The water fountain's other noteworthy feature is the ability to monitor its water level in real time. Using a smart phone app, you can adjust the flow and feed your pet from your phone. You can even control how much water each pet receives.