Some friends may ask, why try a pet hair dryer? Can't you use a normal hair dryer? In fact, it is not troublesome to bathe your pet. How to quickly dry your pet's hair after the bath is the most annoying.

First of all, the hair dryer is a waste of time. If it is a shorthair cat like the British Shorthair, it is fine. If it is a medium and large longhair cat like the Longge family puppet, it will not dry in an hour, and it will take a long time to dry one's wrist. It will be very sour, and the master will be restless
In addition, the hair dryer has the risk of scalding the pet. The hair dryer used by people relies on the hot air blown by the resistance heating to achieve the effect of drying the hair. It will continue to heat up, and the pet can't speak, it is easy to burn the pet.
The pet hair dryer can solve these two problems very well. The working principle of the pet-specific hair dryer is to rely on the internal core motor to generate a strong wind force to blow the water away.