There may be the following reasons:

1. The cat does not like the material of the cat litter
Some behaviorists believe that many cats have their own preferences for cat house. If the cat litter chosen by the shovel officer is not a material that the cat likes, the cat is likely to refuse to use it.
For example, the cat litter smells bad, the shape and size are not suitable, the cat is uncomfortable, and it will not like to sleep there.

2. The location of the cat house is not suitable
Cats are very vigilant creatures. If the cat house is placed in a position that makes the cat feel insecure, or the cat litter is placed in a crowded and noisy place, it may not be willing to rest in the cat house.

3. Spoiled by the owner
Some owners put their cats to bed since they were young. The cats are used to sleeping in the pet owner's bed, so naturally they don't like sleeping in the cat's bed. Pet owners still make cats accustomed to sleeping in cat houses from a young age.
All cats shed hair. If you let the cat go to bed, the cat's cat hair will fall on the bed, and the pet owner needs to clean it frequently, which is a bit troublesome.

If you like to sleep with your cat, you should pay attention to good hygiene and deworming work. You should brush your cat more often, and pay attention to a light diet. It is best to choose a cat food with high meat content as the main food, which can alleviate the gross condition. Recommend this "Miaoxiu cat food", low-salt formula, select a variety of meat, rich in protein to provide nutrition for the hair, and also add fish oil + kelp powder, help beautiful hair and reduce hair loss!